Patient Advisory Committee

The Patient Advisory Committee is comprised of patients, survivors and family members who have lived through a cancer experience. The membership was determined with an eye to providing a broad range of perspectives from diversity in age, socioeconomic status, province, urban/rural/remote, and immigration status. The Patient Advisory Committee plays a key advisory role within the research program as an overarching committee as well as being integrated into the subgroups for each of diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and personalized medicine.

The primary role for the Patient Advisory Committee is to ensure patient and family perspectives are brought forward. Members provide advice in particular about the relevance of topics of study, methods, data collection, and interpretation of results. Knowledge translation activities draw on their advice about messages for the targeted audiences, format of communications, and approaches to connecting with audience members.


Margaret Fitch: Co-lead
Nancy Schneider: Co-lead
Julie Easley
Sharon Matthias
Dawn Powell
Margaret Tompson
Bonnie Vick
Richard Wassersug

Previous Members:

Catarina Versaevel