Qualitative Subgroup

Specific Research Objectives: 

  1. To explore, using qualitative methods, stakeholder perspectives and contextual factors related to the coordination of care between primary care and specialist care.
  2. Using Constructive Grounded Theory (CGT), through exploratory interviews with patients and healthcare providers, we examined the context of continuity/coordination of care between primary care providers and specialists.

The Data:

Patient Interviews: We conducted telephone interviews with 38 survivors of breast and colorectal cancer from across Canada. Participants were 1-4 years post diagnosis and asked to retrospectively reflect on their experiences with continuity/coordination of care during the diagnostic, treatment, and survivorship phases of their cancer journey.

Healthcare Provider Interviews: The purpose of these interviews was to understand coordination/continuity of cancer care between the primary care provider and specialist care provider from a ‘system perspective’ and how the system impacts practice. Telephone interviews were conducted with 58 healthcare providers, including family physicians, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons and general practitioners in oncology from across Canada.